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TipMate™ Nozzles make it possible for any user of the Submerged Arc Welding Process to benefit from Increased Electrode Extension Technology.


Unlike multiple-wire variations, TipMate™ Nozzles are inexpensive and simple to use. Furthermore, they can be applied to most single wire setups, regardless of brand or style where wire sizes from 5/64" thru 5/32" are required.


TipMate™ Nozzles are particularly useful for small diameter, circumferential welds with light wall thickness. They are ideal for providing lower base metal dilution and faster deposit rates for Overlays and Buildups. Multiple savings are experienced on heavy wall weldments.


Some typical users are:

  • Pipe Fabricators
  • Tank Manufacturers
  • Vessel Fabricators
  • Propane Tank Manufacturers
  • Air Receiver Manufacturers
  • Railroad Car Builders
  • Pipe Manufacturers
  • Hard Surfacing and Overlay Applicators
  • Pipe Line Double-Ending Operations

TipMate™ Nozzles can be used on every weld: thick or thin - large or small!!

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